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A key objective of the PhysEd-Academy project, and the purpose of this website, is to make all outcomes and resources produced through the project freely accessible.  

The PhysEd-Academy Project is an Erasmus+ funded teacher academy, bringing together teacher educators and teachers from seven European nations to facilitate radical change in physical education in both teacher education programs and schools.

PhysEd-Academy begins from the perspective that the field of physical education is built on old and inefficient traditions that are far from current recommended practices and policies, resulting in physical education and physical education teacher education having little or no impact on children and youth. 

The PhysEd-Academy aims to directly address current challenges in the field of PE by improving four imperative quality factors in physical education, including the purposes and content, school teaching, teacher education, and teachers’ continuous professional development. In order to do so, the PhysEd-Academy project brings together a network of teacher educators and school teachers from 11 partner institutions in seven European nations to a) identify and articulate a set of signature pedagogies for learning across teacher education programs, b) test the set of signature pedagogies in initial teacher education and continuous professional development, and c) identify connections between teacher education and school student outcomes. This will involve a series of research projects and the development of several outcomes and resources. 

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