Welcome to our extensive glossary, where you'll find a wide range of terms and definitions to help you understand the intricacies of our subject matter.

We use the term ‘pre-service teachers’ to describe teacher candidates – students in higher education institutions who are training to become teachers in the future. We use the term ‘in-service teachers’ to refer to those who have completed their training and are now actively teaching in schools.

Initial teacher education/teacher education refers to the training prospective physical education teachers undergo before moving into, and thus preparing them for, the profession. PETE or PE-ITE refers specifically to the preparation of future physical education teachers in higher education institutions.

Continuous professional development encompasses ongoing learning opportunities for practicing (i.e. in-service) teachers. For the purposes of this project, we direct readers to the work of Parker and Patton for an understanding of effective professional learning in physical education.

According to Shulman (2005), signature pedagogies refer to the forms of teaching that leap to mind when thinking about the preparation of members of a particular profession, such as doctors, lawyers or teachers. In teacher education, signature pedagogies are characteristic forms of teaching and learning that organize the fundamental ways in which future teachers are prepared for their profession. We conceptualize signature pedagogies as a shared set of ideas, rather than an exclusive or rigid way of preparing future physical educators.

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