The PhysEd-Academy involves a series of research projects in teacher education and school-based PE programs across Europe including:

  • A systematic review of literature on signature pedagogies in physical education teacher education and continuous professional development
  • Implementation and testing of signature pedagogies across partner teacher education programs in seven European nations
  • Implementation and testing of signature pedagogies in an online continuous professional development program
  • Study of student outcomes related to teachers’ and teacher educators’ use of signature pedagogies
  • Self-study on the role of an international, collaborative learning community to support teacher educators’ and in-service teachers’ professional learning in physical education


The outputs from these studies are shared here, including both academic sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles and slides from conference presentations, and other sources, such as blog posts and podcasts. Research outputs hold key implications for improving the quality of initial teacher education, teacher induction and teachers’ continuous professional learning in physical education.

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